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This project blog was originally set up for our Arts Council funded photography project ‘Angles of View’ working with Carers Leeds.  Since the completion of the project we’ve been using it to showcase other great photography work from Skippko’s projects and events.  Hope you enjoy seeing some stunning work by the creative people of Leeds.


Hello and welcome to our project blog! Please read this post first.

Angles of View is an exciting new arts project featuring traditional photography and other artwork inspired by photography and photographs.

The project is being run by Skippko, the Leeds-based community arts company, and Carers Leeds, who support Carers throughout the Leeds metropolitan area.

We will be looking at ideas and concepts around photography, for example:

  • Is photography art or documentary?
  • What does photography mean when it seems to be everywhere?
  • What is the role of traditional photography in a world where everyone has a camera phone?
  • How does photography relate to other visual art forms, such as painting or printing?
  •  What does a photograph say about its subject, about the person taking the image, and about the person viewing the image?

We hope that this blog will have lots of people contributing.  We will post what’s been happening in the sessions, and we’d like our readers to add their comments, or ask us questions.

We’re also hoping to have some good discussions on photography and photographs, so stay tuned for more information as it happens!

Note: click on any of the photos featured on this blog, to see a bigger version.

[Image of the Leeds skyline above from Leeds University.  Hope they don’t mind us borrowing it too much!  We’ll change it to an image from the project when it’s up and running.]