February marks the real beginning of the ‘Angles of View’ project.

We’ll be running the first of our darkroom sessions and meeting groups and individuals for the first time. Many carers are getting to hear about the project, the opportunities and the creative fun to be found in photographs and in taking them.

To celebrate this we are inviting you to submit photos you’ve taken which reflect the theme ‘BEGINNINGS’

Just email them to and we’ll add them to the blog for you. If you’d like to add a bit of background info about your photo we can add that too.



February Flowers – beginnings of spring, perhaps…?


This snap was taken of snowdrops the morning after the storm with snow on the ground.  My little camera struggled to cope with the quivering flowers and the dazzling morning sun, but I quite like effect, despite it being a little blurred! (There’s no rules here!)


The BEGINNING of a new plant.

spider plant cutting

“This is a photograph of a spider plant cutting, given to me by a neighbour a couple of weeks ago” says Mary Johnson-Green.


The BEGINNING of spring


“I’m not a great gardener and I don’t know the name of this tree which is now flowering in my garden… As you can see, the whole flower head is BEGINNING to burst into flower.” (Mary Johnson-Green.)  Does anyone out there know what kind of tree this is?  Let us know below in the comments.

This bush is BEGINNING to burst into flower as well


photo by Mary Johnson-Green

Two beautiful shots from the BEGINNING of the day, also from Mary Johnson-Green:

grass  grass 2

Mary says: “These photos were taken early morning when the sun melted the frost from the lawn and it sparkled like a million diamonds.”

Some photos from Penny, one of Skippko’s artists:

river beginning  “A new river beginning”


“Frogspawn always means everything has begun again.”


“Fresh footprints in the snow at the start of a new day.”


4 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Penny says: “It was in the Pyrenees. I think it was called the Cirque d ‘Anglade. We had walked quite a long way up hill and then reached this beautiful meadow out of a fairy tale – loads of flowers as we got further in.”

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